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Black Ring Sight

Products for the PS90

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Black Ring Sight

sold out

Black Ring Sight

500.00 663.00

This unit for sale is the first I've been able to find in 3.5 years of looking! Previous owner claims it is unused and that's how it looks to me. The tritium is starting to dull with age. I can put the buyer in contact with a guy who's experienced at replacing the tritium in these.

  • Ultra compact reflex sight
  • fits USG and standard model PS90s using existing threaded holes
  • useful in all lighting conditions; night vision compatible
  • No batteries- Tritium Illumination
  • Thick metal construction.
  • Daytime- sharp black bulls-eye reticle.
  • Nightime: red German T illuminated by tritium. 
  • New, Unused, discontinued FN brand item. 
  • so cool! our favorite optic for the PS90 standard
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