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Internal Laser

Products for the PS90

Checkout is paypal only at this time. Out of stock items will be available in 2018.

Internal Laser

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Internal Laser

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Before I list the product details, let me address some frequently asked questions: Yes, you can now purchase the factory Mil./ LE strength laser parts in red, or infrared, exclusively here at Promoted Pawn. These are the same lasers as those inside the FN P90LV. As of summer 2016 there are only two of these in civilian hands. These are not easy to install. The project involves cutting holes on curved surfaces, milling wire channels, cutting beveled holes, soldering, and more. It is a 12+ hour project for an experienced gunsmith/machinist type. We can install only so many a year. Turn around time is 3-4 months. We have 1 spot unclaimed for early 2017. You can secure your spot by paying in full, using the buying tools at the bottom of this page. Email me if you want IR, otherwise the laser jobs will be 10mw red. If the product says sold out, sorry, all spots are taken. When another block of time opens up I will update this page. Until then we can offer you the laser parts which are also available below. The parts are new and not ruggedized/ extra waterproofed by us. These supposedly have a one year warranty from the factory. The laser will fry if you reverse polarity. For this reason we don't accept returns or refunds on the laser parts. We don't stock many laser parts, so allow extra time for shipping.

Laser Job Features

  • Our specialty, we've done more than 100 of these now. 
  • Low Drag, No Wires or added Bulk.
  • An improvement on FN's Internal Laser System.
  • Insured return shipping of your stock included in price.
  • Civie Legal 5mw Laser Will Light up a room at Night.
  • Totally Waterproofed. (Exclusive Service)
  • Battery Compartment is custom fitted into Cavity above trigger Pack. (Exclusive Service)
  • Specially Aligned and Ruggedized Laser Lens. (Exclusive Service)
  • High/Low/Off Switch is recessed into Stock.
  • Boresighted for Your Convenience.
  • User Adjustable Windage and Elevation.
  • P90 armorer's manual available for you or your gunsmith. 
  • Takes CR123 Lithium Battery with 10 year Shelf Life.
  • Battery Usage: 20 Hour Run time @ 5mw.
  • Operates at any temperature you can survive (Unlike green Lasers)
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