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Delta Trigger

Products for the PS90

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Delta Trigger

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Delta Trigger

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This trigger job service has been our specialty for ten years. 2016 marks the release of our Delta Plus option which eliminates slop and back travel and is adjustable down to 4.75 Lb. We send you a mailer and take care of return shipping. 

  1. The trigger is smoothed by honing and coating pertinent surfaces.
  2. If you wish we will cut the trigger pull length in half. This makes double and triple tapping the trigger much faster and easier. You'll also notice that your carefully aimed shots will come more naturally- you'll no longer need to take a breather halfway through the squeeze! This modification can not be reversed. You may not want this option if you are particularly worried about voiding your warranty with FNH.
  3. We will make the trigger weight adjustable. You will be able to remove the trigger pack and choose between low and high settings. Delta plus adjusts from 4.75 to 5.25 pounds. Delta standard adjust from 6.25 to 7.25 pounds. 7.25 pounds should be used in patrol and self defense applications. The lower settings are great for marksmanship/ range situations. 
  4. The Delta Plus option includes our creep killer which eliminates all slop and backtravel.
  5. The last modification mechanically links the safety switch to the hammer. When rifles with our trigger job are set to "Safe" the hammer can't drop. (A factory PS90, WITH THE SAFETY ON, can be made to DROP its HAMMER and FIRE by violently slamming the butt of the weapon into a wall).  A precision trigger like ours is more sensitive to accidental impacts, so the existence of a mechanically linked safety is an absolute must. When FN designed the P90 they compensated for the unlinked safety by giving the weapon an annoyingly long and heavy trigger pull. We have found a better way.

We will be permanently modifying and replacing parts of your weapon. This will VOID your warranty with FNH.

Precision triggers of all makes are more likely to cause an accidental discharge than their factory counterparts. Our trigger job is no exception to this rule. When the safety is OFF this trigger job makes the weapon more likely to fire unexpectedly. Extra care must be used to avoid dropping or knocking the weapon. ALWAYS keep the weapon pointed in a safe direction. We will have you demonstrate that you understand these points by signing a simple form.

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