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Products for the PS90

Checkout is paypal only at this time. Out of stock items will be available in 2018.

Creep Killer for PS90 Triggers

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Creep Killer for PS90 Triggers


The creep killer is an ingenious little piece of plastic that snaps into your PS90s trigger pack and instantly improves three elements of the trigger pull.

Pre travel stage: The factory trigger feels very lose at first contact. The creep killer eliminates this pre-travel, so you initiate every shot felling more conected to the weapon.

Lateral play: Following pre-travel, the factory trigger enters a stage of squishiness, as parts inside the trigger pack shift laterally under pressure. The creep killer eliminates this lateral play so all the pressure from your finger is imparted directly on the trigger mechanism. The result is zero squishiness.

Back travel: The creep killer limits the back travel that occurs after every shot is fired. This allows for a faster reset, which makes your following shots come quick and easy.

These three little improvements, working together, go a long way toward giving your PS90 the precision-built feel we all want to see in our rifles.

The creep killer works on PS90 trigger packs with or without our delta trigger system.

The creep killer currently fits only trigger packs with pins like those shown in the pictures. It will not fit those with black pins, or those with steel pins lacking the detent in the center of the pin on the starboard side. We will have creep killers for those ready soon. 

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