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E4 Mag Release (Prototype)

Products For MSAR - STG & E4

Rails are sold out, and we are not likely to restock. We do have a variety of spare parts. Contact us if you are interested in a killer deal on a first run rifle with matching case, knife, and a compliment of very rare accessories. 

E4 Mag Release (Prototype)


E4 Mag Release (Prototype)


We are pushing this project ahead due to popular request. This complex part is cost prohibitive to have CNC'ed in small numbers so we are trying the latest in additive manufacturing. In the picture you will see examples in reinforced nylon (left) and sintered aluminium (right). For sale is the reinforced nylon version which our initial testing indicates should work for the long haul. Unlike our other products these have not been extensively field tested, and are being sold without the usual lifetime refund/ replacement policy. Essentially you will be field testing this product for us. If you manage to break it we will offer upgraded replacements at a very deep discount. 

If you are not interested in Beta testing this product please wait until this project has matured. At that time we will offer it with our standard no hassle refund/ replacement policy. 

We will not be offering the special microtech tool. But replacement fasteners are a possibility in the future. 

Allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. Limited stock on hand. 

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