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Promoted Pawn 2016

We're Moving - not accepting orders until Further notice

We Will maintain our Pennsylvania Address, but please don't mail Anything to pa.

Our new shop in utah will officially open november 1st!

Some of our new products on this old PS90. 

Some of our new products on this old PS90. 

What's new:

 Promoted Pawn LLC has been your PS90 expert since 2005.  We've built a solid reputation with our custom work, no-hassle returns and refunds, and lifetime-replacement guarantees on everything. Check out our Delta Trigger plus, and the new 10mw laser. We are now making parts from carbon fiber reinforced plastic whenever appropriate. These items are lighter, faster, and stronger that their aluminum counterparts. New products are listed almost every week. Soon our first complete firearms will be available! Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

Owner's bio:

 I'm Nick Champlin. Promoted Pawn is mostly a solo event. I do nearly every aspect of the business personally. It's long hours, and a lot to manage, but the results speak for themselves. Our products are both the best, and the least expensive of their type. If it were easy, I wouldn't be interested. Personally, I don't go for modern conveniences and instant gratification. I like old tools, classic home cooking, and keeping antique cars on the road. My favorite gun is the 1885 falling block. I have a trained canine partner. We take a week or two off every year to go on some wilderness adventure. Otherwise for R&R I work on my marksmanship and dog handling. My business, lifestyle, and leisure time are about gaining maximum exposure and experience, and coming up with solutions that are “Simply Bombproof”.

Delays are possible:

 Our rural location and skeleton crew has some drawbacks. If I'm away from the shop, then orders don't get shipped. Also, it takes us a few days to get 100 orders shipped after a new product release.  Please bear with us, we work very hard to bring you superior products, and ship most items within hours, but things happen, and delays are possible. You'll never have to wait too long. We don't sell what we don't have in stock (except some lasers), and we don't do back orders or drop shipping.